On TV Tonight, Wednesday 11/12: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, SONS OF ANARCHY, and more…

Wednesdays TV Schedule

Daemon's Choice

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Good Times and Windmills” – 8pm The CW

BONES “The Con Man in the Meth Lab” – 8pm Fox

GARY UNMARRIED “Gary and Allison’s Restaurant” – 8:30pm CBS

CRIMINAL MINDS “Memoriam” – 9pm CBS

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS “Keeping Up Appearances” – 9pm The 101 Network

LIFE “Black Friday” – 9pm NBC

CSI: NY “Dead Inside” – 10pm CBS

ESTATE OF PANIC “Get Out of My House” – 10pm Sci Fi

LAW & ORDER “Challenged” – 10pm NBC

SONS OF ANARCHY “Capybara” – 10pm FX