DEXTER “Easy as Pie” (Season 3 Episode 7) Discussion

This show should always start with “Today, Dexter will learn…” and the moral of “Easy as Pie” is that real friends fight and it is OK.

This season of Dexter is by far the most compelling season yet. Every DEXTER episode brings up something new about the character which makes it incredibly fascinating to watch.

Here is a list of the other things that I noted in “Easy as Pie”:

– I still do have my reservations on Miguel Prado. He is a little bit unstable and might actually be more trouble than he is worth.

– The Batista story is cute but slightly boring.

– Debra making out with the CI is ridiculous. It is just a disaster waiting to happen.

– Is it just me or is Lt. LaGuerta kinda a little too chumy with Ellen Wolf, the defense attorney that almost got “Dexed” (yes I am starting the trend)? I am not saying Lesbian but I am not not saying it if you know what I mean.

Next week’s episode looks even more crazy with Miguel wanting to get his hands dirty. Can’t wait! Until then, feel free to share your thoughts about this episode.