SUPERNATURAL “Wishful Thinking” (Season 4 Episode 8) Discussion

Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam

What Did You Think of SUPERNATURAL “Wishful Thinking”?

That was an interesting story. A wishing well that actually works, sounds good at first but when you really think about it, it might not be the best thing. Case in point, tonight’s episode of Supernatural, “Wishful Thinking.”

But you know what, I wish I had a big teddy bear when I was a little girl too (expect for the depressed part, that’s just freaky).

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural was overall pretty entertaining, but I think that the best moment of the whole episode had to be the ending, when Dean finally admits to Sam that he has been lying about not remembering his time in hell. Was anybody else really moved by Jensen Ackles’ performance? It was really great writing too. I think the fact that Dean doesn’t explain what hell was like, because there are no words to explain it was brilliant. And that line about it all being stuck with him forever in his head, wow, I loved it. That made the whole episode even better. Brilliant, I say, brilliant!

But I have to wonder, if you had a real wishing well, what would you wish for?