First Look: Hallmark’s MAIL ORDER BRIDE

Cameron Bancroft, Daphne Zuniga - Mail Order Bride

Hallmark premieres a new original movie, MAIL ORDER BRIDE, this Saturday, November 8, at 9pm.

Mail Order Bride stars Daphne Zuniga, Greg Evigan, Cameron Bancroft, Vincent Gale, Patrick Currie, and Tom Heaton.

I thought it was an ok Hallmark movie, but once again not my favorite. The story is quite predictable from the beginning. You can skip it if you’ve got something better to do on Saturday night, but if you’re home and feel like watching a Hallmark type movie, then I think you might enjoy Mail Order Bride.

Synopsis: Boston, 1880’s: Diana McQueen, a seasoned scam artist, wraps up her latest con and presents the money to her unscrupulous boss, Tom Rourke. When Diana realizes her recent victim was a decent man whom Rourke will ruin, she tells Rourke she is through stealing for him. But Rourke knows she’s holding back some of the cash from the scam, and threatens to send her to jail for her crimes. He took her in years ago, a poor orphan on the street, and she should be grateful. When she leaves, Rourke orders Ghost, one of his thugs, to keep an eye on her.