CHASE Sci Fi’s New Reality Competition Series

Update: For those of you who have been emailing and commenting wondering how to get on the show, unfortunately I got word that production for the first season has wrapped. So for now there is no way to get on the show. But, depending on whether Chase gets picked up for a second season, I will keep my ears open for any casting news for the second season.

Back during my little trip to Colorado for the Sci Fi Press event, Sci Fi presented a few new reality competition series that will premiere soon. One of them was CHASE, which premieres on Tuesday, November 11, at 10pm.

Cha$e is described as a real life video game. It goes like this, ten contestants are being chased by “hunters.” Throughout the game more and more hunters are released and the longer the contestants “stay alive” the more money they earn. And of course the last person standing or reaching the finish line is the winner. Now here is where the game becomes more video game like, throughout the chase, contestants get messages on their phones about where they can find “power ups,” objects to protect them from the hunters (ex: invisibility glasses, which pretty much are glasses that make you invisible to hunters, not literally obviously).

Cha$e is hosted by Trey Farley.

The reason why I am excited for Cha$e is that I actually saw it in action. Seriously, during the press day the Chase people arranged a trial run for some people of the press and although I personally didn’t participate (’cause those hunters are scary), it was definitely fun watching. A few of us at some point even started following the hunters, and we had quite a laugh.

And I’d like to end by saying that even though the hunters might look scary, turns out they are really nice guys… just don’t mess with them while playing Cha$e.

Don’t forget that Cha$e premieres on Tuesday, November 11, at 10pm on Sci Fi.

Check out some pictures from our Cha$e game at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.