THE OFFICE “Customer Survey” (Season 5 Episode 6) Discussion

Mindy Kaling

What Did You Think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Customer Survey”? I’m so happy they worked out a way to give Pam more air time! Does anybody else want to get one of those tiny blue tooth things now? My cube job would be so much more interesting if I could make the odd “that’s what she said” joke to my husband throughout the day. Jim seems to have some competition for Pam. I highly doubt that dude wants her to stay in NYC just for the art (unless by NYC you mean his place and by art you mean sex).

I don’t understand why Angela just doesn’t leave Andy for Dwight; it’s obvious that she’d rather be with him. The murder of her cat is all in the past. Whatever happened to forgive and forget? It’s not like he killed a dog or anything. All I know is they better keep the affair going long enough for us to see the wedding Dwight puts together for them on Schrute farm. I wonder if Mose will be an usher?

Kelly was all kinds of out of line this episode. First she bought herself a white bridesmaid dress when she thought Michael and Holly were getting married. THEN she fudges Jim and Dwight’s performance review because they didn’t attend her “America’s got talent” finale party. How messed up is that? At least Dwight was finally right about one of his conspiracies and it was fun to see him and Jim getting along this episode.

The best part of the show for me is when Pam asked Jim what shade of mustard is Dwight’s shirt: yellow or Dijon? I didn’t even know spicy brown was a type of mustard but it totally described the color perfectly. What was your favorite part?

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