GOSSIP GIRL “There Might Be Blood” (Season 2 Episode 9)

Chace Crawford as Nate and Taylor Momsen as Jenny

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL “There Might Be Blood”?

Isn’t it crazy that I like Nate and Jenny so much better than I ever liked Nate with Vanessa together. I just hope that these two end up together, especially after how they left things tonight.

And what a night it was! This episode was so great. And although I used to side with Rufus, I was totally rooting for Jenny tonight. It took guts to do what she did and I thought it was awesome. Go Jenny! Funny how she went from being my least favorite character to my favorite.

Same thing with Nate. I didn’t use to care much about him, but the last two episodes, he finally shined. And of course just as I start to like him, he has to leave. I just hope he won’t be gone for long.

Blair is getting on my nerves a little bit. I could have fast forwarded through most of her story line tonight.

Chuck has also sort of lost his appeal.

As for Serena, I am curious to see where that new love interest goes.

And finally I have to end by saying that I really love Agnes right now. Her and Jenny make quite a pair.

Where do you think Jenny will end up now that she ran away? Should we expect her to come home next week? What about Nate, is he really leaving or do you think he’ll end up sticking around?

And finally is it me or is Blair’s story line getting boring? Share your thoughts.