DEXTER “Si Se Puede” (Season 3 Episode 6) Discussion

This Dexter‘s episode was really touching and unique because it showed the moment when Dexter realized that he has a real friend.

I guess it is hard to imagine how it feels to make friends so late in life (unless you are sociopath like Dexter) but it was kind of interesting to see it happen in this episode.

I also am still sort of confused about Debra’s storyline. What the hell is she thinking with her CI? It is so freaking unprofessional that I don’t know where to start. First, she dates a serial killer (which can be forgiven), then she goes for a father figure (Ok, that was creepy) and now she is eyeing a CI. I seriously question the logic here. Quite frankly, I am really confused on this.

Can anyone untangle this web of confusion for me?