THE OFFICE “Employee Transfer” (Season 5 Episode 5) Discussion

What Did You Think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Employee Transfer”?

I think it might be one my favorite episodes of the season. Pam’s Charlie Chapman/Adolf Hitler costume was frick’n hilarious, and Dwight was by far the best joker. I laughed so hard when Kevin said he was up all night for his joker costume and all he had was a little makeup on. Creed was the creepiest Joker; he kind of gave me the feeling that he wears that outfit even when it’s not Halloween.

Was anyone else upset that they split up Michael and Holly so soon? Even though I never really understood why any girl in their right mind would ever date Michael, I did think that Holly was a good match for him. I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of her? Hopefully it will be the last we hear of Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway” lol. Also, does this mean that Toby will be coming back?

The highlight of the show for me though had to be Dwight. His scheme to get under Andy’s skin would have even made Jim Halpert proud. I was surprised by how pissed off Andy got that Dwight wanted to go to Cornell. My favorite line of the night is when Andy told Dwight he had a head shaped like a trapezoid (awwww snap!) I hope Andy was serious about buying a beet farm. How great would that be? Maybe they could have competing farms/bed and breakfasts.

Pam and Jim continued to be boring this episode. I kept waiting for the scene at the dinner table to get funny but it failed to deliver. Also Jim’s brothers kind of seem like a couple of d-bags. I didn’t really get if they were playing a joke on Jim or if they kinda did think those things about Pam? Either way it was kind of lame.