PRIVILEGED Episode 7 “All About the Have’s and the Have Not’s” Discussion

What Did You Think of PRIVILEGED “All About the Have’s and the Have Not’s”?

The more I watch Privileged, the more I love it. Tonight I felt was a little bit of a change because instead of Megan dealing with her love life, she dealt with her family.

I don’t know about you, but I was really touched by the scenes between Megan and her father. It’s not always easy to please me with these types of scenes, but in this case I think they really worked well. I want to see more of Arthur.

Lily – Well, she finally got caught. Which I guess was sort of inevitable. Not sure if I really like her character right now.

Rose and Sage – They made me laugh a lot with their “project.” And I almost felt like clapping at the end of Sage’s speech. And if they brought me dresses, I would take them too and sign as many credit slips as they needed (I am so corruptible).

Charlie – I just wish that he would tell Megan how he feels. At this point she’s already mad at him, so how much worse can it get, right? I almost wish Marco would tell Megan. Come on writers, don’t make us wait too long, let’s get some Megan/Charlie romance going!

How did you like the relationship between Megan and her dad? Do you think he really quit drinking or can we expect some drama about it in the future?

What about Charlie? Do you think he made the right decision by avoiding Megan?