DIRTY SEXY MONEY “The Silence” (Season 2 Episode 4)

Watch a promo from DIRTY SEXY MONEY Season 2 Episode 4, “The Silence” airing this Wednesday, October 29, at 10pm on ABC.

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Episode Synopsis: “The Silence” – As Election Day nears, senatorial candidate Patrick insists to a disapproving Tripp that he wants to take his relationship public with his transgendered mistress, Carmelita. Meanwhile Ellen’s brother, Chase, shows up and demands from Patrick the truth about his sister’s death. In other developments, Nick and Lisa are in couples therapy; Jeremy asks Nola to ease Letitia’s house arrest so she can go to Patrick’s election night party; Brian Jr. goes missing, and, at Karen’s request, Nick talks to Simon about his real motive for wanting to marry her.

“Dirty Sexy Money” stars Peter Krause as Nick George, Donald Sutherland as Tripp Darling, William Baldwin as Patrick Darling, Natalie Zea as Karen Darling, Glenn Fitzgerald as Rev. Brian Darling, Samaire Armstrong as Juliet Darling, Seth Gabel as Jeremy Darling, Zoe McLellan as Lisa George, with Jill Clayburgh as Letitia Darling.

Guest starring are Sheryl Lee as Andrea Smithson, Laura Margolis as Daisy, Candis Cayne as Carmelita, Elaine Kagan as Dr. Amy Wallace, Jim Moret as anchor, Michael FitzGibbon as Tripp’s assistant, Scott Hlroyed as Chase Alexander, Ron Butler as Severin, Elizabeth Sanchez as Porte Cochere reporter, Ken Rudulph as hospital reporter, Joseph Will as aide, Shawn Michael Patrick as Clark and Bruce French as doctor.

“The Silence” is written by Jake Coburn and directed by Bob Berlinger.