RAISING THE BAR Episode 9 “Roman Holiday” Early Review

RAISING THE BAR has become one of the shows I look forward to watching the most and since it’s almost coming to an end (two episodes left, this one included), I wanted to share some of my thoughts for this new episode, “Roman Holiday,” which airs tonight, October 27, at 10pm on TNT.

In the episode, Jerry must defend an HIV-positive man accused of trying to infect an officer. There are some pretty powerful scenes surrounding this story line and I will admit, there might have been tears in my eyes at some point. It amazes me every episode how great Mark-Paul Gosselaar is.

Since we’re on the subject of Jerry, I don’t know about you, but I have kind of been rooting for him and Bobby to get together. And tonight it looks like things might heading in that direction.

Speaking of Bobby, she is my favorite character (along with Jerry). I just love the way she fights for he clients and just her character in general. I’m happy we’re seeing more of her lately.

Oh and I forgot to mention Richard. How can you not love him. Plus his whole declaration to Rosalind was… for lack of a better word, such a pimp move!

Charlie on the other side is struggling with whether he should come out or not. The funny thing is, I didn’t particularly like Charlie at the beginning of the season, but these last two episodes, I have just loved to watch his growth as a character. And tonight, his relationship with Kessler takes a new direction.

I don’t want to give too much away about the episode, but you guys have to tune in tonight and watch Raising the Bar at 10pm on TNT.

You can also watch some clips from “Roman Holiday.”