GOSSIP GIRL “Pret-a-Port-J” (Season 2 Episode 8) Discussion

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL “Pret-a-Port-J”?

I really loved tonight’s episode and not for the reasons I usually like Gossip Girl‘s episodes. It wasn’t Serena and Dan, it wasn’t Chuck and Blair (I know, shocker), but it was Jenny!

I don’t usually like her story lines, but tonight I was totally rooting for her. I might not always agree with her decisions, but I was so happy when she finally stood up to Eleanor. For crying out loud that woman was just stealing her design and made Jenny feel like she was doing her a favor.

We also got our first look at mini-coop (for The O.C. fans) aka Agnes. Although I’m not sure she’s going to keep all the promises she made to Jenny, I do hope we see more of her. And I actually want Jenny to get some deserved attention for her designs.

I also really got into the new love interest for Serena, Aaron. I wonder if things are going to work out between them.

And of course, Chuck and Blair. Well, to be honest, I was actually getting tired of these two. It’s time for Chuck to move on… may I suggest Vanessa?

And I have to end with Nate. Where did the whole attraction to Jenny start? It was like “ok today I like Jenny!” Not that I minded, but it just sort of came out of nowhere. That said, it actually ended up being the coolest story line tonight, so who am I to criticize, right?!

But I do have to mention the one thing that sort of bugged me about the Nate and Jenny get together. How old is Nate supposed to be, because if he’s 18, wouldn’t that make Jenny jail bait? I’m just saying. Plus Taylor Momsen is 15 and Chace Crawford is 23, so in the words of the team of “The Soup” at E! “It’s a felony!” (watch the video below for better effect)

All kidding aside, I am totally looking forward to seeing more of these two together. Finally some fresh blood getting together.

It’s your time to share now. Nate and Jenny, is it a do or a don’t?