TRUE BLOOD “The Fourth Man in the Fire” (Season 1 Episode 8) Discussion

What Did You Think of TRUE BLOOD “The Fourth Man in the Fire”?

Well, the fourth man in the fire wasn’t Bill, I can tell you that. But the whole sex scene with him coming out of the ground while sexy, felt very dirty, literally.

I’m just happy that Bill is back, and how sweet is he with kids!

I am still waiting to find out more about Sam. That man is hiding something and I have a feeling it might come out in the finale.

Jason and his new girlfriend kidnap a vampire… Something tells me this is not going to end well.

Also if you remember, after watching last week’s episode “Burning House of Love,” I wondered if the exorcism on Tara’s mom actually worked. Well, turns out it did. Or at least it looks that way. Now, I have to wonder how an exorcism would change Tara. Maybe we’ll find out next week.

I was so happy to finally see a little more of Eric. I am starting to see how important he is in the vampire community, and it looks like we might see a lot more of him now that Sookie promised him to help him whenever he needed it (not a good move Sookie!).

And by now you know what comes last, it’s the cliffhanger! I cannot believe they ended the episode in the middle of that vampire jumping at Sookie. I guess I should be used to it by now, but the episodes always seem so short that I never see it coming.

It’s you time to share now! Do you think the exorcism is going to change Tara? What about Jason and his girlfriend, do you think the vampire community will find out what they did?

(Source Photo: Prashant Gupta/HBO)