RAISING THE BAR Episode 9 “Roman Holiday”

Watch four preview clips from RAISING THE BAR Season 1 Episode 9, “Roman Holiday” airing this Monday, October 27, at 10pm on TNT.

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Episode Synopsis: “Roman Holiday” – Jerry defends an HIV-positive man charged with attempted murder because he spit in a police officer’s face. Even though medical research shows no possibility of contracting the virus through saliva, Jerry is unable to shake the charge. To make matters worse, he’s going up against Mitch Baker, an arrogant assistant DA from the Major Crimes Unit. Mitch also treats his second chair, Michelle, like a glorified secretary. Bobbie and Richard are hard at work defending a 14-year-old who may have unknowingly become involved in a homicide. Judge Kessler plans an exotic vacation to Italy and invites Charlie to come along.

Directed by Rick Wallace
Written by David Feige