History Channel premieres a new series, CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD, tonight, October 26, at 9pm.

Cities of the Underworld follows Don Wildman as he goes underneath the world’s most famous cities to uncover their secrets.

In the first episode, Don Wildman visits London and investigates what lies beneath. He takes us on a journey to discover the places where some witch rituals and devil worship were held. But what I found to be the most fun was when Don Wildman showed us the place where Sweeney Todd would put the bodies before they were used for the meat pies. After seeing the movie, it was kind of freaky to see the place where it all really happened.

Cities of the Underworld could be a very interesting show to watch if you are interested in finding out the secrets that lay underneath the cities.

I personally I am not that curious, but I found the first episode very intriguing. We always think about the monuments we can see on the surface, but never think about everything that lays beneath. So many secrets.

Here is your chance to find out more about the cities you think you know. Don’t forget to tune in tonight and watch Cities of the Underworld at 9pm on History.