THE OFFICE “Crime Aid” (Season 5 Episode 4) Discussion

What Did You Think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE,”Crime Aid”?

Two words: “F’n Awesome”. Michael and Holly sort of became the new Pam and Jim this episode. They are so cute and perfect for each other. Do you think that guy from corporate (David Wallace) is going to try and split them up? Maybe she will have to quit and Toby will come back?

I felt really bad for Dwight tonight. Although, if I had to choose between moving to Disney’s celebration village with Andy and living on a beet farm with Dwight, I would probably choose the former and not the latter. I want to feel bad for Phyllis too because people are always mean to her (i.e. Dwight throwing her out of the elevator and letting the air out of her tires) even though she is very kind and wise. I loved it when she told Dwight, “Angela isn’t much of a risk taker and Andy isn’t much of a risk”. LOL. I need a Phyllis in my office that gives me advice that good.

But anyway, as I was saying, I want to feel bad for her but I don’t because at the end of the day she has Bob Vance (from Vance refrigeration). And even though he apparently thinks she talks on the phone to much to her sister, he bid $1000 on her in the auction for a hug 🙂 I wonder what Meredith would do for that kind of money?

I don’t feel bad for Jim either. He should put more trust in Pam and let her have her fun in college. I do sense trouble for them in the future. I wonder why Roy is back? My theory is that Jim and Pam are going to have a fight and Roy is going to be the shoulder to cry on for Pam.

I want to end tonight’s post with a question. Which character from the office would you most like to have a beer with? I was trying to think of this during tonight’s scene in the bar. I would pick Creed 🙂