PUSHING DAISIES “Frescorts” (Season 2 Episode 4) Discussion

What Did You Think of PUSHING DAISIES “Frescorts”?

This episode had two things going for it: David Arquette (who played Randy Mann) and Debra Mooney (who played Calista Cod)

So that’s already a great start. Let me continue first with the things I really liked about the episode. Our first look at Emmerson’s past (finally!) was brilliant. That shot of younger Emmerson and his mother sitting at their PI desk was priceless. It was definitely worth tuning in if just to see that.

And of course Debra Mooney as Calista Cod was wonderful. Plus I’m always up for any Everwood alumn popping up in my favorite shows.

David Arquette, well you just can’t help but love the guy, especially when he plays such a sweet but weird character as Randy Mann.

The friendship between Olive and Chuck is just the sweetest thing, isn’t it?!

The investigation was ok, but then again that’s never my favorite part of the episodes anyway.

Now on to the things I didn’t like so much. Is anybody else a little tired of Ned’s moping? What happen to the character we fell in love with in season one? Right now it just seems to me he lives through Chuck and I want him to become more of an independent character the way Chuck is. Now, there was some hope at the end of the episode that this is going to happen, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next week.

Oh and before I end, I have to mention the ending. Things are getting hot between Ned and Chuck, but I have to wonder whether seeing Chuck naked without being able to touch her is even worse than not seeing her naked at all. What do you think?

Now it’s your turn to share. Are you like me and getting slightly tired of Ned’s attitude? Did you love Emmerson’s mom as much as I did?