PRIVILEGED “All About Appearances” (Season 1 Episode 6) Discussion

What Did You Think of tonight’s PRIVILEGED “All About Appearances”?

Since I fell so in love with Privileged, I decided that I would share my new love with you guys. So get ready for some weekly reviews.

I knew tonight’s episode would be heartbreaking for me because when I spoke to Rina Mimoun she sort of hinted that Charlie would be stepping back a little this episode. But the thing is I love Charlie and I want him and Megan to get together.

What about Jacob, you say. Well, we all saw how that turned out, so no Jacob. And Will, well, I can’t say that I like him very much either.

Tonight did not show any progress between Megan and Sage either, actually I think their relationship got even worse, if that’s possible. Poor Rose, she’s kind of stuck in the middle isn’t she?

Were you as surprised as I was to see how distant Laurel is from the girls? I mean, I knew they weren’t close, but I didn’t imagine their relationship to be that bad. Which almost makes me feel bad for Sage (and the keyword here is almost).

Oh and did anybody else get a kick out of seeing Nigel Barker in the episode?

Overall, I was just happy to see Privileged back tonight. And right now I am just waiting for the Charlie/Megan romance to happen, cause you know it’s going to happen.

And finally, I want to share a good news that I learned today, Privileged has been given a 2-script pick-up, which means there is still hope we might get a full season. So keep watching!

It’s your turn to share now. Are you as in love with Charlie as I am? Or do you like another guy in Megan’s life?