NCIS “Nine Lives” (Season 6 Episode 5) Discussion

So What Did You Think of NCIS “Nine Lives”?

So aside from the pretty engaging but somewhat obvious investigation, I thought this was a fantastic episode for one reason alone: TIVA. (Tony and Ziva, for those who are new to this)

This was by far the most intense TIVA episode this season. From the persistent questions from Tony and the elusive answers from Ziva, the NCIS episode was filled with mad tension between those two. I especially liked the end when Tony is sort of emotional when Ziva is leaving.

Did anyone else feel the love in the air or what? Will this be the NCIS season where they couple up? What do you guys think?

Note: BTW, did anyone get what Tony said to Ziva at the end? I thought it was something in Hebrew, but maybe I am wrong.