Interview: RINA MIMOUN Executive Producer of PRIVILEGED

Last week I got to speak with Executive Producer/Showrunner RINA MIMOUN about everything that is coming up on The CW’s PRIVILGED (my new TV addiction in case you didn’t know). For the side story, about 2 weeks ago, I decided to watch the first episode of Privileged. I wanted to see what other people liked so much about it. Five hours later I was all caught up with the show and upset there wasn’t more for me to watch. That’s how good it was.

Anyway, before we get into all the fun stuff I learned, I just would like to say that Rina Mimoun was just a pleasure to talk to. You could tell how much she loves Privileged and she definitely has a vision for the show. After speaking with her, I can tell you that I will be following her career closely from now on. It seems she has worked on all my favorite shows. In case you didn’t know, Rina Mimoun also previously worked on Everwood and Gilmore Girls, and more.

Now on to what I learned about Privileged. If you are a fan of the show then you are going to love this, and if you aren’t yet, then you need to tune in and find out what we all fell in love with. Privileged airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW. It’s time to show your support!

First of all, I was curious to find out what the difference was between the show and the book that it is based on, “How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls.”

It seems that the setting is similar, but Rina Mimoun mentioned 2 big differences.
The first difference is that the book is more similar in tone to Gossip Girl. The girls and Megan a pretty evil to each other, but Rina Mimoun didn’t want to do another Gossip Girl, so they made Privileged a little lighter.
The second difference is that since the book is not a series, they needed to find a way to keep it going as a show. In order to do that they created the dynamic with Megan’s family, which doesn’t exist in the book at all.

Fun fact: Rina is a fan of Gossip Girl.

Since so much of the story relies on all the different characters surrounding Megan, I decided to ask about each one of them. Turns out a lot of them have secrets that will be coming out in the upcoming episodes.

Charlie (My favorite) – There is always hope for Megan and Charlie (Yay!). As long as the show survive there will always be hope for these two. The challenge of season 1 is for Megan to realize this. In this week’s episode, Charlie has made a drastic turn. In last episode he realized he missed his window, and these next few episodes it’s going to be a little heartbreaking to see the road he chooses.
The goal for the end of the season is to find out how Megan is going to realize what she has been missing. Charlie has a secret that Megan doesn’t know that he did. The secret will be bust open and it will all be part of Megan realizing “how did I not see this amazing guy in front of me”, but will it be too late?

Jacob – His big stuff comes up in this week’s episode, “All About Appearances.” We’re going to see what is going on with him. He is the first guy that Megan has invested herself in for a while. He makes the most sense right now because they both live in the same universe, so it’s a little devastating when this stuff comes up. Hint: There’s an ex-girlfriend involved.

Will – “Nothing but heat and trouble with team Will.” Will hasn’t really had a girlfriend. He is the Mr. Big kind of character, a playboy, but are all playboy horrible? Will is very upfront, he is a casual dater, and if you fall for that type of guy then you know what you are getting into. He isn’t hiding much.

Right now, the boys are just going to play with Megan’s head. But Megan will find out a major secret that has to do with Laurel and the family, which could potentially cost her everything.

Sage – Sage is a long battle ahead for Megan. It’s a real roller coaster, they will get closer and further apart. The reason for Sage’s reaction to Megan is because she is afraid Megan will come between her and Rose. And part of it is that Sage has a large secret that she hasn’t told Rose, that she hasn’t told anyone, and it’s part of why she is the way she is. She also has a love interest coming up.
Sage and Megan’s relationship is not an easy fix. Rina Mimoun compared that relationship to previous relationships on shows she worked on, Andy and Ephram on Everwood, Loreli and her mom on Gilmore Girls. It’s a problem you can’t fix right away.

Laurel – There will be a breakthrough this season between her and Megan. Megan started writing a book, which we saw in the pilot. It is going to be brought back up in the coming episodes. Laurel is her first source of inspiration, and that is going to lead to the uncovering of the deep dark secret of the Limoges Family that nobody knows. When Megan finds out it jeopardizes her job and her relationship with Laurel and the girls.

Lily – Megan will find out that Lilly stole the bracelet. It will come out in a very unfortunate way. This is the most damaged relationship. As a writer Rina Mimoun is enjoying it the most. In fact, it is modeled from a lot of her personal relationship with her own family. A lot of people don’t like Lily, but the truth is, she’s also really sad. You don’t know what to feel for her. Lily is going to through the most stuff this season. She’s got a rough road ahead.

Fun Fact: Ashley Newbrough who plays Sage is apparently the sweetest girl. According to Nina Mimoun, “she is sweet as pie.” Every time they do a table read and Ashley Newbrough has a nasty line to say, she blushes and turns a bright pink. Of course, when they are shooting the scene, she nails it, but every time she’s reading the script for the first time, she’ll always go “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m saying that.”

Nina Mimoun also mentioned that she tries to take her favorite things from the shows she worked on and bring them to Privileged (I think it shows).

And now it’s down to business.

Privileged has not been picked up yet and needs its back nine. This week, they are shooting episode 10, and they finished writing the scripts for the first 13 episodes ordered. But Nina Mimoun told me that they know where they want to end the season and what big stuff they want to blow up, all they need is to get picked up.

You know what that means, it’s up to you guys! Tune in on Tuesday, October 21, and watch Privileged at 9pm on The CW.