FRINGE “The Cure” (Season 1 Episode 6) Discussion

What Did You Think of FRINGE “The Cure”?

As episodes go, this was a pretty entertaining one.

First off, the opening scene of Fringe was amazingly gross, in a good way (I hope you were not eating anything when you were watching that).

Walter also brought his usual quirks which is always fun. I did think the step-father story line was kinda of weak. I also thought that there was some nice chemistry between Joshua and Anna’s characters.

I am still worried that, although the individual Fringe investigations are pretty cool, the overall story arc (with the Massive Dynamics plot tossed here and there) is not really stepping up for me. I am less interested in the “big mystery” than I am in the actual episode stories.

Does anyone feel that way? Am I alone on this? Let me know, folks.