GOSSIP GIRL “Chuck in Real Life” (Season 2 Episode 7) Discussion

What Did You Think of GOSSIP GIRL “Chuck in Real Life”?

Tonight’s “Dangerous Liaisons” (aka “Cruel Intentions” for you youngsters) themed episode was very exciting. Do I see a possibility for a new romance between Vanessa and Chuck? Could Vanessa be Valmont’s Madame de Tourvel to Chuck? I think I kind of like that idea.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Blair is going to like that very much. But since I haven’t liked Blair these last few episodes, I can’t feel bad for her.

I like the new friendship between Nate and Dan. It seems that it could add new dimensions to both characters, especially now that Nate is living with Dan.

Not much interesting going on with Serena this week. But what is the deal with Eric being a psychologist for his mom? Doesn’t he seem a little too mature for his age?

Overall, I really loved this episode. I am now starting to see where they are taking the character this season and that’s very exciting.

What did you guys think? Do you like the idea of a romance between Chuck and Vanessa?