TRUE BLOOD “Burning House of Love” (Season 1 Episode 7) Discussion

What Did You Think of TRUE BLOOD “Burning House of Love”?

Can you believe we’re already more than halfway through this season of True Blood?! Only 5 episodes to go.

Every week I get more and more entranced by the town of Bon Temps and its inhabitants.

Things got really interesting in this episode with the return of Bill’s “friends.” Is there no happiness possible for Bill and Sookie?

Speaking of them, how much did you love their scenes together at the beginning? I guess getting bitten by a vampire is not such a bad thing.

Jason is still as dumb as ever. Trying to find V in a vampire bar might not be the smartest idea, but apparently it made total sense to him. I shouldn’t be surprised.

Who else felt bad for Tara having to deal with her mom? I have to give her props for sticking around. And I’ll admit that I am curious to see if the exorcism actually worked (I mean we are talking about a world with vampires, so why not demons as well).

I was also curious about what Eric was doing in this episode? I’m sure he’s going to have plenty of things to do in the future, but I found him quite useless in “Burning House of Love.” Could have done without personally.

And of course, the cliffhanger, which always sneaks up on you at the exact moment you don’t want the episode to end. I did see it coming this time though. Damn it, I want to know what happened to Bill. How will I be able to wait another week?

What did you think? Do you think we will see Bill return next week? Do you really believe Tara’s mom has been cured?

  • somewhere[outthere]

    i have a feeling sam is the dog that`s always appearing. especially that part in Cold Ground where Bill is outside protecting Sookie and drinking TruBlood, you see the dog come out of nowhere. Look at Bill`s face. Priceless.

  • Christian

    You know I almost thought that as well but it doesn’t add up. There are several scenes where Sam and the dog are both there but seperate…i.e. Sam throws a ball or something for the dog while reading about the Starbuck’s coming to town in.. episode 2 I think. I am hoping that in time the dog will become important….but it could just be one of those coincidental things to draw the attention away from something else..Only time will tell. I just hope they keep this series going for a while. Seems like everytime I get into something like this they take it off the air pretty quickly…

  • DEMONstrate

    I think Sam is a Werewolf. He has no close family, and no one knows too much about him. At the end of this last episode, you see him running across a field butt naked. Also when he went to that girls bed, the one waitress who was murdered, and started sniffing and smelling it and rolling around in it, like a dog. My gut says “He’s a Werewolf.”

  • somewhere[outthere]

    i think he`s a werewolf too. that could also be another reason why there`s so much hatred between Bill and him. It could be deeper than just Sookie. & yeah, it makes sense what you`re saying Christian. But ya know? Can`t help but wonder. lol. Maybe he`s a shapeshifter. =]

  • You know I think Sam is the dog too.

    The reason I think that is because I thought that there were 2 different dogs, the one Sam plays with and the one that sat down outside with Bill (which would be Sam). Or am I totally wrong on this one?

    I also thought at some point that Sam might be a werewolf but not anymore. I’m sticking with the dog theory.

  • somewhere[outthere]

    you have a really good point Sandie. I`m going to keep my eye out for that. It could be two different dogs. =]

  • somewhere[outthere]

    lol. oh wow Minnie. But it`s true. Most of the sex scene are completely pointless and trashy.

  • ZM

    Sam, a werewolf? LOL
    someone has been reading too much twilight!

    I love the show for it’s tackiness, bad acting and Terrible accents!
    that is what MAKES the show brilliant!

    i had to laugh when Bill fed off Sookie’s carotid artery (or vein), and then after he removes his teeth, th blood just stops. If you puncture the arteries or veins in your neck, blood would GUSH everywhere!

    but anyway.

  • somewhere[outthere]

    no. actually. i can`t stand twilight xD.

    I use to like twilight but it lost its
    magic. Like 4 months ago to
    be exact. =]

  • kata

    In Vampire series I’ve ever seen such ugly actors. The book is good, but the series is scandal.