HOUSE “Lucky Thirteen” (Season 5 Episode 5)

Check out some pictures from HOUSE Season 5 Episode 5, “Lucky Thirteen” airing this Tuesday, October 21, at 8pm on Fox.

You can watch a promo and two sneak peeks from House “Lucky Thirteen” below and read all our House coverage.

Episode Synopsis: “Lucky Thirteen” – When a woman with whom Thirteen had a one-night stand falls ill and has a seizure at Thirteen’s apartment after a night of partying, Thirteen accompanies the woman to Princeton-Plainsboro where House and the team take on her case. House jumps on the opportunity to delve into Thirteen’s personal life, and he and Foreman search Thirteen’s apartment to find any possible causes of the woman’s illness. Thirteen suspects the woman’s drug use has caused her condition, but she soon finds the patient has a long medical history and has seen several doctors over the past few years. She soon finds out the patient slept with her only to get to Dr. House, and that she had been trying to get House to take her as a patient for over a year. Foreman sees evidence of Thirteen’s hard-partying lifestyle and confronts her about her self-destruction, warning her that her attitude is sending her life and her job into a downward spiral. Meanwhile, House keeps his private investigator, Lucas (guest star Michael Weston), hot on Wilson’s trail.

Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub; Kal Penn as Dr. Lawrence Kutner; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen

Guest Cast: Michael Weston as Lucas; Angela Gots as Spencer; Al Damji as Paramedic; Helena Barrett as Woman with Thirteen; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

(Photos: Adam Taylor/FOX)