DEXTER “All in the Family” (Season 3 Episode 4) Discussion

Tonight’s DEXTER episode was really amazing. I liked so much of it that I don’t really know where to start. Let me just give you the Top 5 Reasons why “All in the Family” was by far the best Dexter episode of the season:

1) Dexter aka the puppet master played Ramon like a fiddle. It reminded me of how he played Doakes and made me remember how ingenious our boy Dexter Morgan can be. (Play on, Playa)

2) Quinn turning out to be the smooth talker that we did not suspect which oddly enough makes Debra hate him more. (Jeez, homegirl needs to chill out)

3) Masuka realizing that he is a douche. (Yup, now he knows)

4) Miguel treating Dexter like he is his brother (Boy, I have a feeling this will not end well)

5) Dexter, in an amazing and emotional scene, proposing to Rita using the words of a killer (Or what I like to call the Pimp Move of the century)

I think this episode sets up some very interesting situations to look forward to. It also elicits some questions that will need to be answered. Here they are:

– How is Dexter going to keep hunting if he is married and moves in with Rita?
– Is Debra so desperate for a shield that she will become a rat?
– How will Miguel cope with finding out that his new hermano Dexter is a serial killer?

These are going to be some serious story lines to deal with and I am curious to see if the writers are going to put this all together.

What do you guys think? Also are there any other pending questions that have to be answered for you this season? Comment away, people.