SUPERNATURAL “Monster Movie” (Season 4 Episode 5) Discussion

Supernatural - Dean, Dracula

What Did You Think of SUPERNATURAL “Monster Movie”?

First things first, I just loved the opening credits! They really did everything to get you into the mood right from the beginning.

The even better thing is that the boys are still the boys, but in a cool black and white world. Why is it that people always look better in black and white?

Vampire, Mummy, Werewolf, who did it? Turns out it’s all of them since it was a shapeshifter. We just can’t seem to get rid of them can we?!

Intermission Card – Loved it!

Women will be the end of Dean, seriously!

And once again Dean delivers one of the best lines: “No, The X-Files is a TV show, this is real.”

And the ending, classic. If Dean made a movie it wouldn’t be an Abbott and Costello type, but Porky’s II. You gotta love him for that! Oh and I can imagine men all over the world nodding in agreement with him.

Just a side note: At first I didn’t realize who Dracula was, and in case you didn’t either, you might know Todd Stashwick as Dale from The Riches. That man is such an awesome actor.

I also really loved that the reason for the look of the episode made sense. It was a shapeshifter who was trying to create this monster movie world, so it wasn’t just random.

Finally to wrap things up, I would like to end by saying that this episode is one of the many reasons why people love Supernatural so much. They are able to mix dark episode that move the storyline forward with fun episodes like this, that give you a chance to see the Winchester boys in different universes.

And if you caught the preview for next week’s episode, I think it’s safe to say we dive right back into the darker world of Supernatural. Can’t wait.

So, did you enjoy the look of this week’s episode? Do you also like these side episodes?