On TV Tonight, Friday 10/17: CRUSOE, LIFE, and more…

Fridays TV Schedule

Daemon's TV Choice

EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS “Everybody Hates Homecoming” – 8pm The CW

CRUSOE “Hour 1&2 – Rum and Gunpowder” – 8pm NBC

GHOST WHISPERER “Ghost in the Machine” – 8pm CBS

CRASH “Episode One” – 9pm Starz

THE EX-LIST “Protect and Serve” – 9pm CBS

STARGATE ATLANTIS “Outsiders” – 9pm Sci-Fi

LIFE “Crushed” – 10pm NBC

NUMB3RS “Blowback” – 10pm CBS

SANCTUARY “Folding Man” – 10pm Sci Fi

THE STARTER WIFE “The Remains of the Snow Day” – 10pm USA