CRUSOE “Hour 1&2 – Rum and Gunpowder” (Season 1 Episode 1) Early Review

Tonagayi Chirisa as Friday, Philip Winchester as Robinson Crusoe

Don’t forget that tonight, October 17, NBC’s new TV show, CRUSOE, premieres at 8pm.

The show re-tells the story of Robinson Crusoe, but since I didn’t know much about it, all of it was new to me.

While I didn’t expect to really like the show, I actually found it quite entertaining, especially fitting for a Friday night. Plus I’m always in for a little bit of adventure.

I hadn’t heard of Philip Winchester, who plays Robinson Crusoe, but I thought he did a pretty good job. As did the rest of the cast.

The storyline is ok and I could do without Crusoe’s memories of his past (I like to see what he does on the island more), but what I really wanted in Crusoe was action and adventure, and that’s what I got.

Overall, I think this is a show that might entertain you on Friday nights and is quite different from other shows on TV right now.

I am curious to see what new adventures the writers come up with each week.