THE OFFICE “Baby Shower” (Season 5 Episode 3) Discussion

So What Did You Think tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Baby Shower”?

Personally, I’m feeling a little distraught. Last week I chalked the sour taste in my mouth up to the show being only a half hour long. This week I can’t really think of an excuse”¦it just kind of sucked. The whole bit with Michael wanting Phyllis to plan an over-the-top party (in this case Jan’s baby shower) is all trite territory.

That’s not to say tonight didn’t have its moments. Dwight was brilliant as usual. He stole Jan’s $1200 stroller to put it through a “durability test”. Why? Because his bomb shelter cost as much and therefore the stroller should be equally as indestructible. Btw, I loved that the durability test consisted of beating the crap out of it in a vacant lot and then running it over with his Camaro. He also delivered my favorite quote of the night, “my cervix is ripening”.yuck!

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so harsh on tonight’s show as it did set some ground work for future episodes. Even though Michael told Holly she smells of tomatoes and dirt, his hug seemed to make up for it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them “court” very soon which would be awesome. It looks like Holly is becoming more of a permanent figure on the show (which is totally cool with me), but I wonder if Toby will come back? He had a cameo in “Weight Loss“ but we haven’t seen him since. It would be nice if they could work both Holly and Toby into the show.

Trouble may be on the horizon for Pam and Jim. Their long distance relationship is going through some strains but my gut tells me they are going to be just fine. Also, I was very happy to see Pam back, yay!

So what did you think of the “Baby Shower” episode?