NCIS “Heartland” (Season 6 Episode 4) Discussion

So What Did You Think of NCIS “Heartland”?

I loved this episode. Seeing Gibbs going back to his roots did so much to show who he really was. We found out where his name came from, where he met his first love and where he learned how to get the Gibbs code. Now that is major. The writers really brought this one home for us. It was also kind of interesting seeing more of Gibbs’ “human” side.

What did you guys think of the “Heartland” episode? Illuminating or not?

Note: The song at the end of this Episode is Michael Buble’s “Lost” From His Album “Call Me Irresponsible”. You can get it on iTunes by clicking on the iTunes Icon Michael Bublé - Call Me Irresponsible - Lost