FRINGE “Power Hungry” (Season 1 Episode 5) Discussion

Anna Torv, Mark Valley

What Did You Think of FRINGE “Power Hungry”?

It felt like forever since I last watched Fringe (but really it’s only been two weeks).

In tonight’s episode, we finally find out what the whole deal with John was at the end of the last episode. I am actually happy that for once it’s not just called a hallucination, but we actually get a “scientific” explanation by Dr. Bishop. Who else thought it was kind of cool the way Dr. Bishop got Olivia to fess up to what was bothering her. Not so crazy after all, is he?

Once again I am disappointed by how little Peter had to do in this episode. Just give the guy something to do for crying out loud. Oh and while we’re on the subject of useless characters, what is the deal with Astrid? Either give her a more compelling part or get rid of her.

Other than that, the episode in itself was ok. We didn’t learn much, but we have lots more questions about what the pattern is.

Does Fringe start to feel a little too much like Lost to you? Too many questions and too few answers?