MY OWN WORST ENEMY “Breakdown” (Season 1 Episode 1) – Premiere

My Own Worst Enemy - Christian Slater as Edward Albright/Henry Spivey, Saffron Burrows as Dr. Norah Skinner

MY OWN WORST ENEMY first episode “Breakdown” should be called “How Christian Slater Saved NBC”.

At first when I heard the premise of the show which is essentially two split personalities (One being an ordinary Joe and One being a cool spy) sharing the same body, I thought to myself “Now that sounds intriguing”. When I heard Christian Slater was the hero of the story, I thought to myself “Ok, that sounds even more intriguing”. When I saw the first episode, i thought to myself “OMFG this is so much better than I thought it could be”.

First thing I can say about our boy Christian Slater’s Edward Albright (the spy) is that he is a badass like we rarely see on TV. Edward Albright is like Jack Bauer if Jack Bauer had game with the ladies. Also the plot lines, while not very sophisticated, is wildly entertaining. My Own Worst Enemy is a definite must watch.

I am curious to see how they are going to build the show going forward. Is it going to be somewhat procedurally with an individual mission per episode (A La Chuck)? Or is it going to be more like a specific mystery that will span the entire season? I hope the writers strike a good balance because done right, this could be home run for NBC.

What do you think of My Own Worst Enemy? Hit or Miss?