Scott Michael Foster

Recently, Daemon’s TV took part in a conference call with SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER who plays Cappie on ABC Family’s original series, GREEK.

Scott Michael Foster talked about what is coming up for Cappie this season, who Cappie’s true love is, and more.

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For now, enjoy the interview below.

One of Cappie’s greatest assets is the mystique he has, since viewers don’t know very much; very little detail about him. How much do you know about his background and what it’s like playing a character, who is so mysterious in some ways?

Scott Michael Foster: You know, I don’t know much about the character other than what, you know, everyone has seen or will see soon. They kind of keep up to date and we know a little bit about what the character will do in the future. They give us a little bit of a background on the character; pretty much what you see, and what you will see in the next season is about what I know. So, you know, it’s always really exciting for me to see the new scripts and see what they have next for the character. I just take it as it comes to me.

Who do you think Cappie’s destined to end up with in the long run, will it be Casey, Rebecca?

SMF: You know, I’m not sure. It’s one of those things where the character Cappie and the character Casey, you know, I think the show is sort of creative where you know the audience will always want them to be together and it’s sort of a will they or won’t they, when is it going to happen if it’s going to happen? I think those characters are definitely destined to be together. I think eventually they will end up together, but you know, like I said, I don’t know anything for sure. It’s sort of probably what I want the characters to do.

What is Cappie’s major?

SMF: You know, as they’ve said in the previous episodes Cappie’s had quite a bit of majors and he switches all the time. You know, I guess he’s the kind of person that wants to know everything about everything. So, you know, he takes on all subjects.

Will Rusty’s dating skills ever catch up to his?

SMF: I think that’s the goal. I think that Cappie’s goal is to get Rusty to open up and to sort of, you know. Rusty is a little brother not just in the fraternity aspect, but in the emotional aspect for those two. I think, you know, you want to see them become the kind of suave guy that Cappie is. So, who knows? That’s Cappie’s goal.

How long do you see the show lasting? Or how would it evolve, because you can’t stay in college forever.

SMF: Well, you know, Cappie’s whole philosophy is that he can stay in college forever, you know. He wants to at least. This is the best time of his life as he sees it, so I don’t know how long the show will go. I hope it goes as long as the people keep wanting to see it. We’ve got a really awesome cool fan audience, you know, so, I think it can go as long as people want it too.

How are you and Cappie similar?

SMF: I admire the aspect of, you know, living for today. I think that’s great that that’s what the character is all about. So, you know, I definitely identify with the “life’s too short to worry about small stuff.”

Do you personally think that Casey and Cappie should be together, or are they possibly not right for each other after all?

SMF: I think they’re absolutely right together. I think, you know, it’s true love. I mean, they both know it, and it’s sort of about figuring out their own lives first to get to that place where they can be together. But you know, like I said before, it’s just a matter of when I think for those guys, when it’s going to happen not if it’s going to happen.

What has it been like for you adjusting to the success of the show and the popularity of Cappie in particular?

SMF: I mean, it’s awesome. It’s not only to be on a show that is getting great reviews and constantly getting great numbers, that’s all an actor can ask for in a show, you know, to have the show be successful. So that’s always, you know, good to hear.
The character itself, I don’t know. I never really planned on it being like, you know, a big thing. It’s an ensemble cast. I think everyone has, each character has a lot of different fans and I don’t know if I can say that one is more popular than the other. I hear all the time about how people love, you know, the Rebecca character and they wish that Cappie and Rebecca would be together. And people love the Dale character, you know? So, I don’t know. I think it’s an ensemble cast.

Have I heard you say before that you were in a band in real life?

SMF: Yeah. I play with some friends of mine. We play music. Yeah. I play guitar and sing in a group called “Sirens Eye”.

If you had to choose, are you more drawn to acting, more drawn to music?

SMF: I moved out to L.A. to be an actor. I didn’t even start music until after that. So, acting definitely comes first.

You have a lot of great dialogue. Do you contribute to that or is it just reading what’s on the page?

SMF: For the most part we stick to the scripts. I mean, if we ever have any fun with the scenes, sometimes they keep it. Sometimes they don’t, but that’s, you know, I can understand with editing and trying to keep the show and the time life that they want to keep it at, but, I mean, yes, sometimes we get to have fun with the lines and it’s all very natural.

When Cappie’s college days are over, where do you see him ending up?

SMF: I don’t know. I can definitely see Cappie owning; I don’t know, owning something on the beach, having some sort of little business on the beach, maybe selling, you know, tacos and beer at a resort in Cozumel and just living out his days on the beach. I can totally see that.

If you didn’t play him, what other character on the show would you like to play?

SMF: What other character? I can’t really see myself playing any other character on the show. I don’t know; when I tested for the show, I tested for the role of Calvin, so in the beginning I sort of saw myself as that character, but as I started playing Cappie more and more, I just realized that was the role for me. So, I don’t really see myself playing another role.

What can you tell me about “Ashley’s Ashes”?

SMF: “Ashley’s Ashes” was a film that a friend of mine starred in and asked me to do, and I, you know, I played a role that had a couple of scenes in the film. I don’t really know much about it except that it’s a great script. I know they’re in post-production now, but I don’t know anything about when it’s going to come out or anything like that.

Do you have a quick synopsis?

SMF: It’s about a guy who inherits an urn anonymously from someone with someone’s ashes inside and he doesn’t know who because it’s anonymous. And then the whole movie is him in the city of Los Angeles trying to find out who left him this urn.

You mentioned that you think Cappie and Casey are meant to be together and to me it just seemed that in the flashback episode, it didn’t really work out when they were together. So, what your take was on that episode?

SMF: Well, you know, that episode was supposed to be freshman year and I think, you know, a lot of people change and they grow up and I feel like Cappie realized that he had messed up, you know, he made a mistake. And though I feel like that we didn’t see a whole year pass by, so, I feel like in that time, he made the realization – and this is just me, this isn’t anything that’s happened in the writer’s room or anything like; this is just what I’ve sort of made for the character – but I feel like maybe in that year in between, he’s realized that he’s made a mistake and he’s trying to get her back, realizing that he messed up with the person that he should be with.

How is his relationship with Rebecca going to evolve?

SMF: I guess we can talk about them breaking up since that ws already on TV, right? So, they break up and decide to have some time away from each other and I don’t know where it’s going to go from here because, you know, I only know, again, what they write. So, at this point I really don’t know what’s going to happen between them. Yeah, they’re just not together anymore.

Did you guys already film the finale, or not yet? Do you know what that’s going to be?

SMF: Yeah, we did. All I can really say is that there is a really nice cliffhanger that I didn’t even see coming as an actor. So, yeah, it’s going to be great to see. I hope that the audience likes it.

You mentioned the “Ashley’s Ashes,” do you have any other projects going on for the future?

SMF: You know, not now, we’re filming again so right now I’m honestly just shooting the show. Any time I go out for any other projects, you know, I definitely go out, but it’s hard to get scheduling to work. So right now I’m devoted to the show.

You are doing the Declare Yourself promos, what was it like? What has it been like on the universities taking part in that?

SMF: You know what? It’s been awesome. I personally went to four colleges, though the Declare Yourself worked with the show for, I think nine colleges. But it was awesome. We went out and each college we went to, we kept getting more kids to register. I think we registered at least a hundred and fifty kids per college.
You know, they came out and got to meet myself and other cast members and it was a lot of fun. We got to see how many people actually watch the show, and our fans of the show. We had hundreds of people line up. So, it was really awesome, not only to get those kids to register, but to see that we have a strong fan base in the colleges.

Are we going to see anything more between Cappie and Evan, because we kind of saw Cappie soften a little bit towards Evan based on Rusty. Are we going to see anything more progress? Like them getting closer to being friends again or not?

SMF: I don’t really know what’s coming up in the future. I know that when we shot the flashback episode, we got to work together as friends instead of enemies and we really liked that because it was different for us, you know. I definitely hope that something comes up in the future where they get to be friends again. But like I said, I don’t really know.

Do you have any favorite Cappie revelations and things that have popped up in the script where you were like, “Hey, that’s pretty good!”?

SMF: Yeah, there’s tons of stuff. I mean, like every time you turn around, he knows something about something else, like in the episode with the whole Joshua Whopper program. You find out that, you know, a lot of people think, and especially Rusty, that Cappie is, you know, smarter than he leads on, you know. And so, there are definitely a lot of things in this series that come up for this character. He’s not just a drunken party frat boy. He, you know, because he has had a lot of majors and knows a lot of things, and he’s not a moron. So, when they actually pull up all these things about how he’s an Olympic trivia person, or the fact that he can go and take a phallus class and ace it, you know, when that stuff happens it’s pretty cool.

In real life, do you think you would ever be in a frat?

SMF: Before I did this show, I don’t think I would have, but being on the show, I definitely think that there’s something that a fraternity has to offer. It’s, for someone who’s coming into college at eighteen years old, away from home to be a part of another family that’s awesome. So, I guess I never thought like that. So yeah, I think now going back, I probably would have.

We have seen sort of on the sorority end of the show this set up between Casey and Frannie, sort of this power struggle kind of for leadership of ZBZ next year. Do you see anything similar like that happening on the fraternity end in terms of Cappie’s presidency leadership of Kappa Tau?

SMF: You know, I’m not sure. I don’t know what they have planned for that. The only thing I can say is what we’re starting to see and in the most recent episode we’ve seen, Cappie starts to become jealous of Max, not only for his relationship with Rusty, but his relationship with Casey, too. So, you’re going to see that dichotomy, but I don’t know anything about the fraternity itself. I think Cappie is the president and he will be as long as he’s staying at the college.

Is there something that you would like to happen to Cappie for next season?

SMF: What would I like to have happen? You know, I don’t know. I think for me personally as an actor I would want to have some sort of like race with the Bronco that he has, but that’s just me. So, I don’t know what needs to happen with Cappie, but I just want to drive the Bronco that he has. It’s awesome.