HOUSE “Birthmarks” (Season 5 Episode 4)

Check out some pictures from HOUSE‘ Season 5 Episode 4, “Birthmarks” airing this Tuesday, October 14, at 8pm on Fox.

House learns his father died, well that’s definitely an episode I don’t want to miss. I’m sure we will learn a lot of things about House’s past. And apparently, we’ll learn more about how Wilson and House met. Now that, I want to see.

You can watch 2 promos, and check out more photos from House “Birthmarks” below.

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Episode Synopsis: “Birthmarks” – When House receives word that his father has passed away, he brushes off the news and dismisses the idea of going to the funeral. However, he is soon coerced into going despite his strongest protests. Back at Princeton-Plainsboro, the team encounters the case of a young woman adopted by American parents who collapsed while in China looking for her birth parents. With House en route to his father’s funeral, he must work with the team to diagnose the woman via cell phone while on the road. The team runs through possible diagnoses and various genetic disorders, but when House’s phone dies, the team must decipher what House was trying to tell them before the girl’s condition deteriorates. Meanwhile, the back story of how House and Wilson met for the first time is revealed.

(Photos: Adam Taylor/FOX)