DEXTER “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (Season 3 Episode 3) Early Review

DEXTER is back in the aftermath of his latest “adventure” and he’s still in the middle of a lot of drama.

Miguel (Jimmy Smits) is now an accomplice to one of Dexter’s murders and is treating Dexter like a brother. Rita is still trying to bring the father side out of Dexter. Debra is still trying to close her case of the unknown Jane Doe. Basically, lots to take care of.

As much as I admire Dexter’s multi tasking skills, I feel that this season’s storylines all form a somewhat compelling story but broken out separately are a little boring. I know that it is not fair to compare separate seasons since the storylines are somewhat different but still. Where is an arch-nemesis when you need one?

Am I alone here? Do you guys find that this Dexter season is better than the previous two seasons? If so, please let me know what I am missing here.