Discuss THE OFFICE “Business Ethics” (Season 5 Episode 2)

The Office

So What Did You Think tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Business Ethics”?

I thought it went by waaay too quick. This show really does need to be an hour long every episode. So now I have to ask the big question. Team Holly or team Meredith?

I give a point to Holly for having ethics, and another for sticking to her guns when Michael started turning on her. BUT I also have to give Meredith 2 points (1 for getting a discount on supplies, and one more for earning herself coupons to Outback Steak House). Some might call her cheap but I say these are tough financial times we are living in and a girl has to eat, so good for her. I guess that’s a tie, so I’ll give Meredith one more point for saying my favorite quote of the night which was, “there’s not a lot of fruit in those looms”. I don’t know when I will ever be in a situation where I’ll get to use that, but I’m officially storing that one away for the right moment.

Now let’s talk about Dwight. Just when I think he can’t get anymore awesome we find out that he can sneeze with his eyes open. Also, he has no problem peeing in an empty two liter bottle of pop in the middle of the office. That last point was both disgusting and awesome (awesome because I’m pretty sure it was a bottle of Shasta).

What I didn’t like so much about “Business Ethics” was the fact that Pam wasn’t in it. Hearing her voice over the phone doesn’t count and I really hope the writers bring her back soon. We heart you Pam!

So now that we are two episodes into the new season of “The Office,” what did you all think?