Discuss: PUSHING DAISIES “Circus Circus” (Season 2 Episode 2)

Pushing Daisies - Chuck and Ned

“Circus Circus” was one of my favorite PUSHING DAISIES episode. I almost wish that would have been the season premiere (even though I know it didn’t make sense story-wise).

The writing was so amazing and talk about some of the best lines. I think my favorite had to be the one between Olive and Lily as they are eating the porridge, and Olive says something like: “I threw up in my mouth and I can’t tell the difference.” That was hilarious.

Speaking of Olive and Lily, my favorite parts had to be the scenes between these two. They were hilarious and I never used to care about these characters, that’s how good the writing was.

The case the gang worked on was pretty fun, but I think what was really great about the episode was how depressed Ned was about Chuck moving out. How can you not adore the character?

Anyway, I think it’s pretty clear that I loved that episode. Unfortunately, it seems that America is not really convinced. I just hope ABC puts some faith behind it and gives it another season for the fans to enjoy.

What about you guys? Did you also like “Circus Circus” better than last week’s episode?