DEXTER “Finding Freebo” (Season 3 Episode 2) Early Review

Michael C. Hall as Dexter and James Remar as Harry Morgan

Dexter is on the hunt for his target Freebo and he is really being held back by an efficient police force (yeah I know, who knew?!).

The storyline with Rita’s pregnancy is a little more weird to follow. It is just kind of hard to see how someone like Dexter would deal with being a father. I am not convinced that there will be an elegant way to bring closure to this situation. I guess we will see.

Debra’s storyline is somewhat less hectic than the last couple of seasons so I find her kind of boring to follow. I think that she has a lot of talent and I wish they give her a more important storyline. Maybe a spin-off. “Dexter’s Sister” where she plays the sister of a serial killer who is also a serial killer in secret…..Ok, that does sound lame but work with me here.

The ending of “Finding Freebo” really lead the season in a very surprising way that I think will give us some great Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smits moments.