LIFE “The Business of Miracles” (Season 2 Episode 3)

Life - Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi

Watch a promo from LIFE‘s Season 2 Episode 3, “The Business of Miracles” airing this Monday, October 6, at 10pm on NBC.

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Episode Synopsis: “The Business of Miracles” – The body of a cancer research scientist is discovered literally frozen solid, baffling Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi). The crime scene suggests that an animal rights group took revenge on the doctor by switching out his oxygen tank with pure liquid nitrogen. As the detectives delve into the victim’s tangled private life, they become increasingly skeptical about the identity of the murderer. Meanwhile, Crews is determined to prove Jack Reese (Victor Rivers) was involved in his incarceration, and Ted (Adam Arkin) asks Crews to act as a reference for a business school interview.