SUPERNATURAL “In The Beginning” (Season 4 Episode 3) Early Review

Supernatural - Dean and young John Winchester

Update: Well, now that you have all seen the episode “In The Beginning,” I feel the need to clear up some of the “controversy” that seemed to arise today amongst Dean fans. From what I understand some people read in another review that it was revealed in this episode that Dean was the cause of everything that happened, which you now know is not true. Here is what I think is true:

Castiel says to Dean that it was Mary’s destiny to make a deal with YED and that there was nothing he could have ever done to stop it. Yes, he did bring Mary to YED in the episode, but even if he hadn’t they would have met anyway. Why, well because it was meant to be because it was Dean and Sam’s destiny to become hunters. What I found brilliant is that even though some things are destined to happened, there are also choices to be made. And in this case it’s all about Sam’s choice, is he going to choose good, or is he going to choose evil? That’s what we are all dying to find out. Like I said, brilliant!


I don’t know what the writers of SUPERNATURAL took this season, but it’s working. Tonight’s new episode, “In The Beginning,” is another must watch.

This episode is the long awaited “Back to the Future” one, where Dean goes back to the past and meets his parents, John and Mary, when they were still dating.

“In The Beginning” really explores the root of the Winchester brothers. Not only do we learn more about what John was like when he was young, we also for the first time learn more about their mom, Mary. I can’t giveaway too much about that, but trust me it will change your outlook on quite a few things.

I also have to mention an emotional scene between Dean and Mary, which was just amazing. I have to praise Jensen Ackles so much for his work on it. I think there is always a risk when two young actors play mother and son (or brother and sister) that it will come out as the wrong type of love, but not here. The relationship is clear, this is his mom, you just see in his eyes how much he loves her, but in the right way (if that makes sense). If you are not touched by Jensen Ackles’ performance, then you are made of stone. Definitely one of my favorite scenes in Supernatural.

On to happier things, the best part of the episode has to be one of the best quotes in Supernatural‘s history:

“Sammy wherever you are, mom’s a babe. I’m going to hell…again.” – Dean

You can actually watch two clips from Supernatural “In The Beginning,” which include that quote.

Pretty much 99% of the episode is spent in the past, but in the last few minutes of the show (we are back in the present at that point) Castiel reveals something to Dean that he (or I) was not expecting.

Finally, the episode ends with the 3 worst words you will see on television: To be continued… (I think I let out a scream of pain at that point, how can they make us wait a week?!)

It’s time for you guys to share once you have seen the episode. What did you think of Mary? What about Castiel’s revelation in the end?