UGLY BETTY “Filing for the Enemy” (Season 3 Episode 2)

Watch a promo from UGLY BETTY‘s Season 3 Episode 2, “Filing for the Enemy” airing this Thursday, October2, at 8pm on ABC.

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Episode Synopsis: “Filing for the Enemy” – Wilhelmina, prepping her first issue of the magazine as editor, tries to lure Betty over to the dark side by offering her a job at Mode as her assistant. Meanwhile, Daniel discovers he faces a custody battle if he wants to keep Daniel Jr. (guest star Julian de la Celle) in the U.S., Hilda’s illicit romance with Coach Diaz (guest star Eddie Cibrian) heats up, and Christina grows suspicious of Stuart’s (guest star Derek Riddell) true motives.

Note: We usually post pictures for most TV shows we write about. Unfortunately, ABC has not yet shared access to any of their promotional materials.