LIFE “Find Your Happy Place” And Keep It to Yourself (Season 2 Episode 1)

I wanted to write a quick something about NBC’s LIFE which premiered its second season tonight with an all new episode, “Find Your Happy Place.”

While I stopped watching the first season, because of lack of time, my mom told me that it was pretty good. So I decided to take a look at the second season premiere.

Even though I didn’t understand everything happening, I have to say that Damien Lewis is still pretty amazing and he really makes the show what it is.

And even though I wasn’t sure what the whole story was at the end of the episode when Charlie goes get the girl, I found myself reaching for the DVD remote to watch the second episode. That was such an amazing moment.

I am curious to hear what you fans of “Life” thought of tonight’s episode? Was it a good start for season 2?