GOSSIP GIRL “The Serena Also Rises” but Blair goes down (Season 2 Episode 5)

“The Serena Also Rises” was a pretty crazy episode of GOSSIP GIRL if you ask me. I have to say I am left feeling a little depressed. Everything sort of came crashing down tonight.

The easiest way for me to share all my feelings is through a list, so here we go:

– What is wrong with Blair, she is becoming a terrible person. I was totally siding with Serena on that one. She’s better off without Blair.

– I cannot believe Blair tried to ruin her mom’s show, just to get even with Jenny and Serena. Can you say spoiled brat.

– Jenny is out of control. Isn’t she like 15, I don’t think she can just drop out of school, because she feels like it.

– Rufus needs to step up his parenting skills, seriously. How can he let Jenny get away with this?!

– Poor, Chuck. I felt bad for him tonight. He actually thought Dan was a friend to him only to get disappointed once more.

– I really liked Serena tonight. She was trying to stay on Blair’s good side even though Blair was acting like such a biotch. Good for you Serena, for standing up to Blair.

– Doesn’t it feel like Dan might be the only decent being left in the show?

– As for Lilly, I guess she’s finding out what kind of man she really married: A creepy one.

– Oh and just as a side note, was anybody curious as to how Serena fit into Jenny’s dress? Isn’t Jenny the tiniest thing around?

I sure hope next week’s episode leaves us on a happier note. If these people can’t be happy, then who can?

What did you guys think? Were you as depressed as I was by tonight’s episode of “Gossip Girl”?