Discuss CHUCK “Chuck vs. the First Date” Season 2 Episode 1

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker

So What Did You Think of CHUCK‘s season 2 premiere “Chuck vs. the First Date”?

I was so happy to see Chuck and the gang back in action. I decided to spare you all of the moments I liked in this episode and to only give you my top 10:

1) Chuck being at the wrong place and at the wrong time with His sis and Captain Awesome. Love it.
2) Chuck being all Mr Man and asking Sarah out on a date. You go boy!
3) Chuck being all emotional with Casey. Awww!
4) Casey being all uncomfortable about it. Classic!
5) Morgan taking the geek fandom to the “Max”, the “Mad Max”. You can’t go wrong with that.
6) Chuck interviewing the staff for the assistant manager position. Now that can go wrong!
7) Sarah being all flirty with Chuck. But for real this time.
8 ) Chuck getting into a real fight. Geek attack.
9) Chuck outsmarting bad guys. Jeez, how stupid are these guys?
10) All the other cool things Chuck and the gang did in the episode but that I can’t fit into my top 10.

Overall, very nice comeback, Mr Bartowski. Looking forward to seeing more of your antics. So what about you guys? Did you like “Chuck vs. the First Date”?