DEXTER “Our Father” (Season 3 Episode 1) Early Review

Michael C. Hall as Dexter

The new season of Dexter starts out on a very positive note. Dexter is as happy as he has ever been and is being a “productive” member of society, if you catch my drift.

The initiating disruption comes when Dexter commits what seems to be a grave error on the job. I guess we can all relate. It doesn’t matter how good you are at something. There is always the slight possibility that you will f#$% up. I guess this was his day.

This “disruption” leads to a whole slew of drama that falls on poor Dexter and puts him in another quandary sort of similar to last season’s drama. This kind of story line is sort of disappointing as it sounds like the writers are reheating the same plot lines again.

I think that the last Nugget of info that Dexter learns might actually be more interesting to watch in the coming episode.

Overall, a great start to season 3 of Dexter with some solid casting (Jimmy Smits in the house) and a potentially interesting plot line twist.