Discuss THE OFFICE “Weight Loss” (Season 5 Episode 1)

Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Amy Ryan as Holly

So What Did You Think tonight’s episode of The Office, “Weight Loss”? Personally I would have named this episode “Michael Klump Is a Celebration of Fat People”, but I guess my opinion doesn’t matter.

ANYWAY, our months of waiting are finally over, The Office is back! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have these characters back in my life. As I sit here after tonight’s episode “Weight Loss”, I’m trying to make a quick balance sheet in my head.

We lost Pam to New York, but we gained “Rice-a” Ronnie. And even though she kinda looked like a frumpy transvestite, I was sad to see her go so soon. Then (much to my chagrin) Ryan came back as the new receptionist. Was anybody else happy to see him go last season? I vote for less screen time with Ryan and more with Creed (who may or may not have given a tapeworm to Kelly) and/or my favorite ho fo’sho Meredith.

Tonight’s The Office episode also brought a couple of nice surprises. Dwight’s “Put it in your mouth if you can’t swallow” statement was not followed by a good ole “That’s what she said”, however, the fact that we all thought it anyway makes it even more fantastic. Also, I was NOT expecting Jim to propose to Pam this episode, and at a gas station!!!? I do have to admit, it was actually kind of romantic with the rain and everything.

All in all, I would have to say the new season is off to a solid start. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything develops with Michael and Holly. Also, will there be any conflict this season with Pam and Jim? Things have been going well for them for awhile now, and I’m wondering if people will get bored if this continues? I for one hope the writers leave Pam and Jim the way they are and continue the love triangle with Dwight, Andy, and Angela. What do you guys think of “Weight Loss”?