MY NAME IS EARL – “The Magic Hour / Monkeys Take a Bath” Season 4 Episode 1 and 2 Early Preview

Jaime Pressly as Joy, Ethan Suplee as Randy

MY NAME IS EARL‘s fourth One Hour season premiere episode, “The Magic Hour” followed by “Monkey Take a Bath,” which premiere tonight, September 24, at 8pm on NBC, were both excellent beginning to the season.

The first episode “The Magic Hour” with guest star Seth Green was classic My Name is Earl especially with Randy showing his acting chops in this episode. I was dying laughing.

The second episode “Monkeys Take a Bath” mixes Classic Earl storyline with some really emotional parts involving something about Earl’s parents past. Of course, this being a comedy, there is a great moment with Earl and his dad hashing things out. Damn, that was funny!

Overall, great start for this season! Which episode did you guys prefer?

Check out a clip from the premiere below.