LIPSTICK JUNGLE “Chapter 8: Pandora’s Box” (Season 2 Episode 1) Early Review

Lisptick Jungle

LIPSTICK JUNGLE second season premieres tonight, September 24, at 10pm on NBC with a whole new episode, “Chapter 8: Pandora’s Box.”

I had been following Season one on and off and I don’t think I ever ended up watching the finale, so I probably missed about 2-3 episodes. But turns out I watched all the important parts that allowed me to understand everything that is going in the premiere and I got sucked in once more.

I really love these three women and the second season premiere will really please fans. It’s a real rollercoaster.

Everything starts with Nico’s husband giving her an unexpected gift.

A lot happens in an hour. I don’t want to say too much about Nico’s storyline, but it’s really great. Nico has always been my favorite but after watching the episode, I love her even more. And for those wondering, we do see our favorite hunk, Kirby, in this episode.

Wendy is dealing with her mom (guest star Mary Tyler Moore) who comes to live with them.

Finally, Victory is trying to get over Joe, who doesn’t make it really easy for her.

Overall, this was a great season premiere and I think Lipstick Jungle will have to stay on my schedule this Fall.