GOSSIP GIRL “The Ex-Files” Bow Down for Serena

“The Ex-Files” (love the title) was an intense episode of GOSSIP GIRL to say the least. What Did You Think?

But before I get into it, I first want to apologize for the late review. Because of technical difficulties (aka DVR not working properly), I was only able to watch Gossip Girl, “The Ex-Files,” this morning.

So many things happened in the span of an hour, it’s crazy. But the craziest has to be Serena becoming the Queen again.

Poor Dan, but I guess he can only blame himself.

Other than that, did anyone else think that maybe going out with your ex’s new date wasn’t such a good idea?! One word: Awkward.

Oh and Marcus with Catherine?! Really? Is that all they could think of?! It just seemed like a little lazy to me, but it did lead to some pretty cool scenes. Like Dan “recommending” Blair to Vanessa as the person to go to if you want to bring someone down. So great!

Nate was a little annoying towards the end. I just couldn’t understand why he was mad at Vanessa. Seriously dude, the girl just saved your butt, a little gratitude wouldn’t hurt.

Finally, let’s talk about the newcomer (who apparently is already a goner), Amanda. Not only did I not like her from the start, but the whole Chuck hired her to make Serena jealous, that just made me laugh. But again, the result was pretty awesome. I sort of liked seeing this new side of Serena.

Overall, it was a pretty good episode that’s really got me looking forward to next week.

What did you guys think? Do you like the new Serena?